June 2017 Latest news & New Products

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Hi guys, firstly can I say a massive thank you to all of our customers and site viewers, none of this is possible without you and we appreciate every single order!

We have now been live two and a half months and we are absolutely astonished with how the site is going, we never dreamed of this level of success, our new customer rate is sky high and so is our return customer rate.

The iJoy 20700 Cell has been very popular, with the number of vape mods developed to use this battery type increasing by the day we have decided to stock the Sanyo 20700b cell along side the iJoy, the 20700b will perform similar to the LG HG2, ideal for low-mid range wattage.

We are restocking the X-tar charger range next week after they have flown off the shelves.

Yesterday we changed our postage policies, now chargers qualify for free next day delivery along with 18650 batteries and 20700 batteries.

Today we incorporated a new review platform in our site, you may have received an email regarding leaving a review for a recent purchase, we do kindly ask that you submit a valid review not only does it help our customers but it helps us improve our service.

If you haven't already please head over and like our Facebook page, we have weekly competitions and giveaways which are proving to be a huge success with our followers.

We may be adding a few new variations of 18650 battery to our site in the coming weeks suiting people who require higher capacity whilst still been able to crank up the wattage.

I think thats about everything for June so far, please stay tuned for our next blog post!

Thank-you all! 


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