New Products For May - Nitecore Chargers - Sony VTC4

Posted by Joshua Malone on

Hi guys, firstly can I say a massive thank you to all of our customers, our website has really taken off we never expected things to go as well as this! 

We have just launched an experiment with Nitecore chargers and we are astonished with the results, we stocked 300 chargers to begin with 100 of each and after just one weekend we have nearly sold out, we realised that some people wanted to see us stock a decent range of 18650 battery chargers but we under estimated! fear not, more stock is on the way!

We have expanded our range of Sony 18650 Batteries with the new addition of the VTC4, be sure to check them our if you haven't already, a very well performing 18650 battery in our opinion and in many others opinions too!

We are thinking about stocking 20700 batteries such as the SANYO 20700B cell and the iJoy 20700 cell as we know that there is a growing demand for these batteries, we should have them in stock in a couple of weeks.

If there is any other products that you would like us to stock then please email us at and we will take all of your suggestions on board.

Thank-you once again to all our loyal customers, this wouldn't be possible without you!

Have a lovely week!


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