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Lithium Ion and Lithium MN batteries, in some cases, are known to vent. This is an infrequent occurrence and can happen even to batteries with protected circuits. Many consumer electronics use Li-Ion and Li-MN batteries as a power source and venting has occurred with these consumer electronics.

Check your battery regularly for rips in the plastic coating or other signs such as poor performance or appearance

When a Li-Ion or Li-MN Battery gets very hot it is best to remove the battery if possible and put it aside to let it cool down. If this is not possible, turn off your device and let it cool down with the battery in it.

Batteries should never be left unattended while they are charging. Typically, the positive end of the battery is placed in the device or charger head first, please read the accompanying manual with the product you are using to ensure that the battery is placed in the correct position before activating and/or charging the unit. Do not carry loose batteries without protection, always store batteries away from other metal such as coins or keys.

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